A bit of Story…

Like most important things in life, it all started by chance. In 2004, I was skiing in the mountains with a good company, and during dinner time, the conversation started to spin around the management of businesses and different management approaches. Accidentally, someone let slip the phrase “theory of constraints”. The discussion ensued, different opinions were shared. Later, we moved on to another topic, but the “theory of constraints” lingered in my head. Not because of the exclusiveness of the name, but because during the discussion, unusual terminology was used with the usual words. And though I had not heard about TOC (Theory Of Constraints) before, yet, everything my colleagues talked about was clear, logical and simple. That was the “hook“.

The next chance was TOC course held by TOC Goldratt Schools in 2005 in Vilnius (it is Lithuanian capital, and I’m Lithuanian). Thanks to a good friend Vitalijus Čičiškinas I’ve go to learn about the courses and get accessed the education. I’ve got in a hands of wonderful teachers Kohen Oded and Jelena Fedurko with whom active connections are supported up to today.

The last chance that brought me to the inventory and assortment management was the first TOC project run by the four „freshmen“ TOC consultants: Darius, Vitalijus, Audrius and me.

One of us undertook to run the project, the other one tackled the sales, the third was responsible for the financial results and I was left with what remained – inventory management. Such was the way to inventory management – a simple turnabout – which determined the rest of my life. In fact, at that point I still did not suspect that.

…The old acquaintanceships with IT companies and on one August day in 2007 the newborn of the three months carriage – STOCK-M begins to run a raw material warehouse of a minor furniture factory, followed by several industrial enterprises, then by the first distributor and finally the first foreign contract. Having launched as a manufacturers’ system, STOCK-M gradually paced its way towards retailers and distributors. Today the manufacturers make up only 10 per cent of the projects; 20-30 per cent of the projects are undertaken by distributors and wholesalers, and the main part belongs to the retail trade network. From the smallest one trade shop to the national size trade network.

Today I find myself pleasantly surprised both by the list of clients’ logos amounting up to a hundred and a geographical map of the implementation of our system. Sometimes we are asked: „What helped us to grow and endure the global crises and to prosper successfully?“

I think the main thing is people and TOC. Saying TOC, I have in mind not only its afforded instruments, but also the whole TOC community. Especially, the altered perception of the surrounding world: all is simple; look for the the cause of the problem instead of dealing with the consequences; all people are good and so on.

Through this letter I would like to thank all people we met on the road; to all those who contributed to our success. Thanks to you all, our dear ones!

Giedrius Balnys

(the Founder of the JSC „StockM“)



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